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The Coronavirus & Remote Working

The Cornoavirus pandemic continues to evolve in a similar way to previous outbreaks causing concern and worry to businesses. Can they continue to operate if an outbreak occurs within the office? Should a group of employees be “quarantined” from the office and sent home to work. Will the IT be able to cope?

It’s a good example of why businesses should have a remote working facility in place at all times. Beyond the current circumstances there will always be reasons as to why it’s convenient for employees to work from home on a regular basis.

By having a remote working facility available for your employees not only do you allow them to be more productive when they otherwise may have had to take time off but you also allow the system to be used or tested frequently.

When a pandemic such as SARS or Coronavirus comes along you can be assured that the system is working well and some employees already know the process of working remotely.

The most simple and effective remote working method is something called “Remote Desktop Services” which is built into all Windows 7, 8 & 10 workstations. Once this is enabled on your office PC you will then need a connection to your office from home via a secure VPN, most business routers already support this function. Then it is just a case of configuring the home machine to access the VPN and the Office PC. There are other technologies such as TeamViewer which make the process even simpler.

We can be sure there will be another pandemic so we recommend all businesses implement a way of remote working and encourage that it is used regularly to ensure at least some employees understand the process.

There are different remote working options available depending on the size of your business and the type of applications you use.
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