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Maximise Efficiency

If your connectivity is not up to scratch your business could lose both time and money when the service goes down, do not let that happen. Ultrafast internet speeds and stable, reliable connections do not have to come at a huge cost. Investing in the best connectivity solution for your business will ensure that your business remains productive and responsive.


Superfast Speeds

We’re able to offer both standard and fibre broadband packages, allowing us to tailor packages that are ideally suited to your business. Our superfast plans provide download speeds of up to 80 Mbps, with upload speeds of 20 Mbps, ensuring that your business can operate at its optimum.

Static IP

Our business connectivity solutions all include a Public Static IP address – this is essential should you wish to maintain your own email servers for example, as well as remotely connecting computers and mobile employees to your business, even down to monitoring internet reliant CCTV away from site.

Support Team

Our friendly team of expert support staff are always on hand to resolve any issues you may encounter. Our primary focus is to ensure that our customers feel connected, and that in the unlikely event that a fault does arise our team can resolve this quickly and efficiently for you.

Leased Line

Dedicated Connection

Have you heard of broadband contention? It means that broadband internet connections are shared with other users. The contention ratio means how many users per one line.

With a dedicated leased line, there is no contention. Meaning the line is dedicated for your internet connection and not shared with anyone else. This keeps your leased line super-fast and super dependable 24/7.

Superfast Up / Download Speed

A dedicated leased line can vary from 10Mbps to 1Gbps, depending on your individual requirement. These dedicated circuits are considerably quicker than standard ADSL connections, and also more stable than a fibre broadband. Leased lines also come with faster SLA’s, meaning if you do experience a problem, your line will be a priority to resolve!

Our leased line plans all offer symmetrical speeds, this means the download and upload speed will be the same and stay like this consistently. Perfect for the needs of a modern-day business.

Uncontended Bandwidth

Uncontended bandwidth means exactly that: where standard broadband is often shared between users,  a dedicated leased line means you have your own circuit providing dedicated bandwidth. It means you never have to compete for connectivity and hit the transfer speeds you’ve been quoted for.


Leased lines are scalable as your business grows. For example, if you ordered a 100Mbps leased line on a 1Gbps bearer, you will pay for 100Mbps service, and receive this reliably. Then if you find that next year you need to upgrade this to a 500Mbps services, this can be done simply with an uplift to your monthly cost but no additional fees. You can use up to the full 1Gbps if needed. Leased lines are the ideal connectivity solution for those businesses combining their voice, data, and video on one single connection.

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