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Hosted Services

The future for computing

Cloud is the future for computing. Not only does it reduce the requirement for physical equipment within the office environment, but it also allows a more flexible environment to work within, supporting modern day working. Cloud technologies can scale quickly with your business, giving clear costs that you can attribute to employees and making budgeting simpler.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based solution which includes access to every essential office application, with the additional benefit of communication services such as Exchange Online and Skype for Business – Web Conferencing delivered from Microsoft’s global data centres.

Our team can fully manage and maintain this scalable solution on a month-by-month basis.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing and infrastructure platform created by Microsoft for building, deploying and managing application services through their global network of data centres. These solutions allow users to browse and modify active resources, launch new resources and view monitoring data from active virtual machines and services.

Our infrastructure architects are able to design, implement and maintain these services via a flexible monthly subscription.

Cloud File Storage

This is a business focused solution providing a storage service often used for file sharing and collaboration. It’s particularly useful for external members of the team who need access to network drives while on the move.

Users can access documents as normal offline and, once connected to the internet, any changes are automatically synchronised with local devices at the office and updated accordingly.

Mail Protection

Mail Protection can be implemented over and above the foundation protection provided by Microsoft Office 365. This provides far greater protection from illegitimate emails, ransomware and other forms of malicious threat.

Threats identified in one inbox trigger updates that are immediately deployed across all other users, providing incredible levels of protection for your business no matter which email provider you use.

Cloud Backup

Regardless of the amount of data your business has, our managed cloud solution ensures it is always securely backed up. In addition, our managed solution also fulfils the function of disaster recovery.

Data can be restored quickly to virtual hardware in our data centres which, in the event of a disaster, can have your business online and functioning again within a matter of hours.

Whatever your cloud queries, needs or solutions are, we can help.

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