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Why you can benefit from one sole provider across all of your IT and telecoms needs

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Why should I use one provider for all of my technical requirements?

Using an IT Support company like Johnson Technical, who offer a fully comprehensive service covering all IT and Telecoms solutions, allows you to focus completely on your business whilst we maintain your systems.

Having one ‘does-it-all’ service provider means that we can manage and maintain all of your systems simultaneously without having to request permissions and access from other providers if certain changes are required.

This streamlines your service and processes, removing unnecessary complexities and often saving you both time and money that could be better spent on your own business goals.

What do Johnson Technical offer that other providers don’t?

Johnson Technical Systems are a one-stop-shop who offer everything your business needs to run smoothly and efficiently.

From hardware orders like new laptops, to managing a whole office move project. From some additional data cabling to an innovative new VoIP telephone system. Whatever you require, and at any time, we can provide the solution for you.

Our standout offering however is the fact that customer service and client happiness is our core value and deep in the heart of all of our team members. You get an enterprise level service, with the genuine care of a local, family run business.

We go above and beyond to keep all of our clients’ services at a 5-star standard and have done for coming up to 20 years. This is where we shine.

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What different services do you offer?

  • Managed IT Support including consistent monitoring
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Data Cabling
  • Cyber Security services
  • VoIP (Cloud Telephony Solutions)
  • Complete office move projects
  • Internet Connectivity (Broadband and Leased Lines)
  • Cloud Infrastructure such as virtual servers and desktops
  • Ongoing account management and advice

Who do I contact for IT support?

As a customer of ours you can contact our helpdesk whenever you need to. We offer fully comprehensive remote support for all of our clients, and on-site support whenever this is required. With quick response times and a large team of helpdesk engineers with expertise and experience in all aspects of technology, we will always be on hand to help if you experience a fault.

Will my systems remain safe and secure?

You can rest assured that your service is in reliable hands. We have a JTSecurity team in-house who’s combined knowledge of cyber security will ensure you services and systems are well protected. We have also recently secured the ISO27001 accreditation (what is this?) that further cements our dedication to providing the most secure services we can, and protecting both our clients and our own data with all measures possible.

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If one service goes down, would I lose everything?

Whilst your IT, connectivity and telecoms systems may all be managed by us. They are not all directly linked. Meaning that should an issue arise with one system; the others can remain unaffected dependant on your individual setup.

If you were to come across a fault with your telephony system, this will not impact your internet connection or your IT network and hardware. The systems all work together however they are standalone solutions meaning that a fault somewhere within your IT estate should not leave you without any working systems.


There are multiple benefits to using us as an all-systems provider.

  • Easy to contact whenever you need us.
  • Simple ongoing and one-off billing.
  • Effortless add-on services for any additional hardware or software.
  • Secure and safe systems, processes and data storage.
  • Customer service that cannot be beaten.

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