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How Does IT Support Work and Why is Managed IT Important?

How Does IT Support Work and Why is Managed IT Important?

All businesses use IT in some way shape or form whether it be to communicate or to manage product lifecycles IT has become embedded. The benefits are clear but the risks are sometimes less obvious.

With IT at the heart of your business you cannot afford downtime as this is expensive to absorb and difficult to recover from.

Why use Managed IT?

We provide a fully managed IT solution to businesses. We essentially become your IT Department taking care of day to day issues via our helpdesk but also monitoring your systems for any issues pro-actively.

This gives you the reassurance that your IT is being cared for and that you have a reliable, personal contact to speak with if you have any concerns. As a relatively small business we pride ourselves on building personal long-term relationships.

What is Managed IT?

Managed IT is the term often used to describe our IT service. We charge clients a monthly set fixed amount to support, monitor and manage the network. This includes all support calls, site visits, engineer time and monitoring software. This gives businesses an amount they can easily budget for to keep their IT running smoothly.

We also include regular “Network Report Meetings” which involve us auditing the network so we can identify and notify the client of any issues on the horizon. This fits in with our ethos of being a truly pro-active IT company.

How can I access friendly Personal IT support?

We recommend using an IT support provider which is local to you. We provide IT support to Essex and London as well as the surrounding areas. We recommend taking out a set fee contract to support your IT this ensures you won’t be lumbered with unexpected costs when things go wrong.

At Johnson Technical we pride ourselves on being a family run friendly, personal IT company. We create and nurture long term relationships with our clients. We are big enough to look after all SME’s but small enough to care.

What makes a Managed IT provider pro-active?

We also recommend that you use a Managed IT provider who is truly pro-active. A lot of companies say they are pro-active but we find these services essential when providing such a service:

  • Server / Workstation Monitoring
    • Make sure your IT devices will be monitored for issues such as “Hardware Faults”, “Failed Backups”, “Antivirus Issues”,
  • 6 or 12 monthly IT Network Report meetings.
    • This is a process where we review your current IT systems and your businesses current and future requirements. The objective is to proactively identify any areas of your infrastructure which may need improving to support your business over the next 12 months ranging from simple warranty renewals to cyber security.
  • Support Engineer Recommendation
    • Its important to ensure that your IT support engineers are making recommendations to prevent re-occurrences of common issues. This may be a new piece of hardware or software.
  • New Hardware Orders
    • New users or existing user upgrades, make sure that your IT support company can provide you with the correct equipment for your business first time and on time.

How to choose an IT support company?

We recommend that you speak to a few IT Support companies and get quotes for full Managed IT Support. Speak and meet with the perspective companies, make sure they listen to your requirements and explain how they will address each of your issues. Ask for references to get feedback and if possible, check online reviews such as Trustadvisor and Google.

We offer contracts with 60-day break clauses to new clients. This is to show that we are willing to demonstrate to new clients that we can deliver on our promises and that we are keen to build and nurture the relationship.

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