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3 Signs that your business needs IT support

How do you know when it is time to outsource your business IT support to a managed support provider? Here we have narrowed it down to three potential signs that it is time for you to invest in genuine and reliable IT support for your growing business.

Do bear in mind however, that these are not the only signs that you could benefit from an all-in-one IT and telecoms provider like us.

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1. DOWNTIME is costing your business money and productivity

A big red flag in any business is your IT systems wreaking havoc and your whole network being down. Whether it’s for ten minutes, or full days at a time.

Your business IT systems going down at any point are a huge inconvenience and will not only cost your business money, but will also cost you time and productivity. Keeping your hardware and software in prime condition with live monitoring means that we can prioritise getting everything back up and running as usual in the quickest time possible. However, this is a fix and not a cure.

With us as your managed IT support provider we will also run a fully comprehensive assessment of your current IT spectrum and advise and adjust this to be it’s most efficient and reliable self.

Have you heard of the expression ‘prevention is better than cure’? Let us prevent any downtime that your users experience. Then on the rare occasion that a system of any kind does go down, you can rest assured knowing we are prioritising this and completely minimising the downtime experienced.

2. Setting up new starters or users is a headache

Do you find yourself dreading having to get a new team member set up across your systems?

From procuring a PC or laptop for them, to ensuring they are up and running with the correct access to all of your systems.

This is a prime example of how a fully managed IT support provider like Johnson Technical can take the pressure off and handle these requirements for you.

We can advise, quote for, and provide any additional hardware you need whilst also being responsible for getting machines set up and ready to use for your new starter. Our services cover everything from remote helpdesk support to complete installation. From VoIP phone systems to the data cabling all the way through to the final security settings and access/allowances within your systems.

We have a whole team of experts who can provide the support and service you need to ensure that any new user set ups or hardware procurement runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible – every time.

3. Your in-house IT team are stretched too thin

This may come as a surprise to some business owners. But your in-house IT expert, doesn’t actually know EVERYTHING about IT. It’s near on impossible for one, even two or three human beings to retain the knowledge of EVERYTHING IT.

So, whilst your dedicated IT person may be an expert in some aspects of your business IT, they may still need support in other areas. It may be that they are even doing more than one persons average workload trying to cover all corners of the IT estate.

Here is where you can benefit from using an IT service provider. We tailor our packages to each individual client, meaning we will only help with the areas that you need help with. This means you also will only be paying for our help in certain aspects and not paying for services you simply do not need (if you do have them covered in-house). We can work with your own IT team to determine where and how we can help – and in turn act as an extension of your own team, as well as becoming back up for the occasions that your staff need to take their well-deserved annual leave.


Do any of these feel familiar? If so give us a call today to discuss the IT support that will most benefit you and your business.

Our goal is to ensure all of our customers feel completely safe in the knowledge that we continue to do everything we can as a provider to keep your systems and hardware running at optimum efficiency and that if you should experience any issues or faults, we are easy to contact, friendly and approachable, and will resolve things quickly and easily for you.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our local business so our relationships with clients like you are always priority.

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