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What does a SOC do?

What does a SOC do?

Our SOC-as-a-Service delivers advanced, managed threat detection and incident response services to protect your business from emerging cyber threats ensuring you can remain fully functional.

A security operations centre (SOC) is a cyber security team responsible for monitoring and analysing organisation’s security posture on an ongoing basis. The SOC team’s goal is to detect, analyse, and respond to cyber security incidents using a combination of technology solutions and a strong set of processes.

The SOC team is responsible for ensuring that potential security incidents are correctly identified, analysed, defended, investigated, and reported.

Rather than being focused on developing security strategy, designing security architecture, or implementing protective measures, the SOC team is responsible for the ongoing, operational component of enterprise information security.

The security operations centre team is comprised primarily of security analysts who work together to detect, analyse, respond to, report on, and prevent cyber security incidents.

Why Outsource your SOC?

Creating an in-house SOC requires a huge amount of expertise and upfront investment in technology and specialist staff with high ongoing operating costs. Most organisations simply do not have the time, resources or budget to do this internally.

Organisations without their own SOC, the responsibility of managing cyber security often falls on internal IT staff who do not have the tools or skill set needed to do this effectively.

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