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Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments are an integral component of a comprehensive security program. In fact, a well-functioning vulnerability management system, including testing and remediation, is often cited by industry standards and regulatory bodies as an essential requirement for security and mandatory for compliance.

A vulnerability assessment, also known as vulnerability analysis, is a process used to locate and identify any security-level defects (vulnerabilities) in a network or infrastructure. Vulnerability assessments help businesses pinpoint any vulnerabilities (such as coding bugs, security holes, etc.) before they have the chance to be compromised.

The primary goals of a vulnerability assessment are to identify these vulnerabilities, document them, report them to the organization, and provide details on how to resolve the issues.

Organisations of any size, or even individuals who face an increased risk of cyber attacks, can benefit from some form of vulnerability assessment, but large enterprises and other types of organisations that are subject to ongoing attacks will benefit most from vulnerability analysis.

Because security vulnerabilities can enable hackers to access IT systems and applications, it is essential for enterprises to identify and remediate weaknesses before they can be exploited.

Scope of Work

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Vulnerability Assessment – Scope of Work

This process offers organisation’s a better understanding of its assets, security flaws and overall risk, reducing the likelihood that a cyber criminal will breach its systems.

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