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Security Monitoring

Managed SIEM Service

By integrating prediction, detection, prevention and response into a single solution, effectiveness is increased and cost is decreased. The security mindset shifts from incident response to continuous response, wherein systems are assumed to be compromised and require continuous monitoring and remediation.

As your business grows and the threats aimed at compromising it evolve, effective mitigation of cyber security risk now requires real-time threat monitoring to provide full visibility of network activity.

SIEM systems however, generate a vast number of alerts that are time-consuming to monitor and require a detailed understanding of threats to deal with them effectively. This poses a significant challenge for already stretched IT teams with competing priorities, meaning SIEM systems quickly become unmanageable.

Benefits of our Managed SIEM Service

• Streamline compliance reporting
• Detect incidents that would otherwise go undetected
• Increased efficiency of incident handling activities
• Improved reporting, log collection and correlation, analysis and retention
• Asset Self-Discovery for adaptive awareness of the threat landscape
• Rapid integrations and scalability for an ever-changing network environment
• SOC analytics for rapid detection of potential threats

By outsourcing your security monitoring to Johnson Technical Security, you can rest assured that our cyber security experts are well placed to manage the system effectively ensuring that incidents and breaches are handled swiftly and accordingly. Not only this, we possess the technical know-how when it comes to SIEM log reporting and analysis.

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