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Security Assessment

Security Audit and Assessment

Understanding where your critical data resides, how it is accessed and how it is secured is the first step towards making your defense wall stronger. A security audit will help you highlight which vulnerabilities are exploitable, which risks are critical and therefore need to be addressed with a high priority and which items can be remediated over time.

It’s important to review your businesses security periodically so you can identify any weaknesses and rectify them before they are exploited. A cyber security incident can be costly to your business, resulting in financial loss and damage to your reputation so it is better to proactively manage these risks to ensure they are mitigated.

Last year, the Federation of Small Businesses found that 66% of SME’s had been a victim of cyber-crime at an estimated cost of around £3000.00 each. Recent ransomware attacks show us the damage a cyber-criminal can inflict upon all parts of industry, it also highlights some of the protective steps which could have prevented these attacks.

Good security auditing provides you with assurance that steps have been taken to reduce the chances of experiencing a security breach. Our Security Auditing services are designed to test your cyber security controls in order to give you an accurate representation of your security posture so you can focus on the areas which need improving.

Scope of Work:

• Physical Security Review
• Social Engineering
• External Penetration Testing
• Internal Vulnerability Scanning
• Security Controls
• Secure & Approved Configuration
• Patch Management
• Wireless Testing
• Managed Perimeter Controls – Firewalls
• Application Management
• Secure Remote Working
• Mobile Device Management
• Security Organisation & Policy Review
• Data Leakage Prevention
• Security Monitoring

The assessment will provide you with an Executive report on the Cyber Risks facing your organisation, a prioritised list of actionable remediation actions, and a fully costed remediation plan to move your organisation to a more acceptable level of risk.

The Benefits of a Security Assessment:

• Easy to read and digest executive summary report
• Reduces the overall cyber security risk within the organisation
• Assessment of a wide range of security control areas
• Enables your organisation to improve your Cyber Security posture
• Implement the best possible solutions for your budget and business requirements

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