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Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials Certification

The Cyber Essentials scheme is a key deliverable of the UK’s National Cyber Security Programme. Realising that the controls in the 10 Steps to Cyber Security were not being implemented effectively, and that no existing, individual standard met its specific requirement, the government developed the Cyber Essentials scheme.

We help you become Cyber Essentials certified – This is a scheme designed to help businesses deal with the demanding issue of cyber security. The Cyber Essentials scheme provides guidance to help organisations of all sizes, and in all sectors, to measure their defences against common forms of cyber-attacks.

According to the UK Government, around 80% of cyber-attacks could be prevented if businesses put simple cyber security controls in place. However, not all organisations are getting these basics right. Only 58% have assessed themselves against the governments “10 Steps” cyber security guidance and only 30% of boards receive regular cyber security intelligence.

Cyber Essentials Scope:

• Policies and Procedures
• Boundary Firewalls and Internet Gateways
• Secure Configurations
• Access Control
• Malware Protection
• Patch Management

Vulnerability Scan:
• External Scan

Why Should I Get Cyber Essentials:

  • Protect your business and brand from approximately 80% of cyber attacks.
  • Demonstrate to your clients and suppliers you can be trusted with their data.
  • Aquire more business in regulated industries & UK Government departments.
  • Get ahead of your competitors and stand out from the crowd.
  • Reduce cyber insurance premiums

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